Introduction: DIY Decorate Cases!!

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You can decorate your cases! And jazz them up. You will need plastic cases etc... Keep in mind this won't work on silicone cases. This would be great gifts for Christmas! Let's get started!! You'll need permanent glue/ white glue I used white glue.

Step 1: Cases and Decorations

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Pick out your decorations, I used perler bead creations, you can use anything you want! If you'd like to learn how to make perler bead creations, check out my instructable on how to make one!

Then pick out your case, again don't use silicone cases they wouldn't work.

Step 2: Gluing

When you picked out your decorations and case, get your glue and start gluing the decorations onto the case, be gentle and glue everywhere even the edges.

Step 3: Finished! and Wait

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And that's it! Your case is finished! But before using wait 24 hours before using the glue would be stronger. And the decorations won't fall off. And the next day you can enjoy your case! Show your friends / family!

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Step 4: Stickers (extra)

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Also if you want a different design, you can use pop up stickers!


zamrin (author)2014-01-02

Looks great!

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