DIY Decorative Shell Dresser Knobs





Introduction: DIY Decorative Shell Dresser Knobs

A quick way to revamp an old dresser is to change out the knobs for some new decorative ones. Here’s an easy and budget-friendly way to make your very own DIY dresser knobs using shells – perfect if you’re looking to add a little bit of the beach to your decor.

What you’ll need: shells (I got mine from the Dollar Store), nuts & washers, bolts (about 1 to 1.5 inches longer than the thickness of the shell), scrap rigid cardboard, rubber bands and epoxy glue.

Step 1:

Cut a piece of rigid cardboard so that it’s the width of the shell and extends past it by about an inch, and make a hole in the middle. It will act as the flat surface of the dresser drawer to set the bolt in place.

Step 2:

Insert the bolt in the hole of the cardboard

Step 3:

Pour epoxy glue into the shell cavity, making sure to have enough glue to cover the head of the bolt.

Step 4:

Place the head of the bolt so that it touches the bottom of the shell cavity, while making sure the cardboard is flush to the back of the shell. Then move the bolt around so it is perpendicular to the cardboard.

Step 5:

When the bolt is placed properly, use a rubber band to secure the cardboard in place, double check that the bolt is still touching the bottom of the shell cavity and still straight (it doesn’t have to be perfect but the straighter the better), then place the cardboard on the edge of 2 glasses. This will allow the epoxy to settle on the bottom and cover the head of the bolt. Let the epoxy harden.

Step 6: DIY Shell Dresser Knobs

And voila, you have beautiful shell knobs ready to give a new look to your dresser!



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    Right now I am sooooooooo happy that my dresser knobs come off. :)

    saw it, loved it, bought it, now about to attempt it...

    will let you know how went it... :-)

    Do tell, I can't wait to see your project!

    Thanks! Glad you like it!

    excellent! Thanks!

    You're welcome, glad you like it!

    Sometimes you see an ible and you have no immediate use for it, but you look anyway. This is one of those for me, and now I WANT to have a need for this! Love this idea!

    Thanks! A trip to the thrift store may get you that old dresser that "needs" these shell knobs :)

    Love it! What a relaxing look to a beach themed room.