DIY Deer Feeder


Introduction: DIY Deer Feeder

Last fall I was helping my friend set up some deer feeders and I thought I'd take you along for the adventure.

We wanted to try making cheap deer feeder first. We decided to go this route, by using schedule 35 drain pipe rather than going all out and making a bucket with a wind activated release trigger. For now, we're going to try it on the cheap and see if we can't change the pattern of the deer just a bit...

I do not know if this is legal in your state so you will need to check your regulations before you do this.

I hope you find it helpful in some way.

God Bless,


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    Hope you like refilling them often. Such a short piece of 4" won't last very long on my property. I use a 8' long 6" round pipe with a 4" reducer and a 4/4/4 wye. That only lasts a couple of weeks here. Good luck out there. Thanks for the video.

    Pretty good. BUT, just hope you don't have many raccoon's around. They will eat every bit of that corn. Also I think you'll find that the dead log is a bad idea. If they can move it out of the way, they'll empty that feeder over night. You should have just added a piece of a board to the bottom with a couple of screws to make it permanent.

    Nicely done. Very simple and effective feeder!

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    Thank you so much, I appreciate it greatly! :)