To organize a desk space can be a challenge. My goals with this project was to store supplies, my typewriter, laptop, electronics and more, and to utilize the whole wall to really create the ultimate home office.

Step 1: The Starting Point

Here's a look at what this space looked like beforehand, always messy and things thrown on top of each other.

Now the wall was empty behind, so I thought why not utilize that and build upwards. Alongside with a hutch for the desk, a cubby unit, and shelving, I should be able to store things much better, cause there's nothing worse than clutter. To create a sectioned off feeling, I decided to continue the look going up towards the ceiling.

I love it!
<p>Great piece of work :)</p><p>Now all I need is a wall...</p>
<p>Good idea, good work!</p>
<p>I like that dowel board idea way more hefty than just a peg board</p>
<p>GREAT use of space ! really like that you have used natural light AND I too like the dowel board NICE scale to the design. Good planning with the wire rough-in</p><p>I'm wondering if you could have used a power bar on the lower shelf (the hutch) where you keep your laptop??</p><p>thanks for the share, </p>
<p>They are both really nice really nice. I love it!</p><p>I have a power bar that I use only for the stuff that I use when working on projects. When I turn it on (it has a switch), it turns on only of the things that I need, like lights, chargers, power supplies, etc. This is useful since when I leave my room, I don't have to turn everything off manually. Also, when I go to sleep, the ATX power supplies get turned off (instead of only the lamp or whatever I connect to them), so my room can actually be quiet!</p><p>Here is an old picture that I salvaged from an old I'ble: <a href="https://cdn.instructables.com/FX3/4YEI/IY4QB66Z/FX34YEIIY4QB66Z.LARGE.jpg">https://cdn.instructables.com/FX3/4YEI/IY4QB66Z/FX...</a></p><p>:)</p>
this is awesome.

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