Note: My English is very bad, no one is willing to teach me, I speak Chinese...

      I like outdoor adventure and camping, so the dagger is essential (China banned the use of firearms, I am helpless.) Some knives do not have leather pendant. Very convenient. . . So I made a leather pendant, good-looking and practical. Cost: $ 1

Step 1: Materials

Materials: a piece of fake leather (used to make the cab floor, the rest after cutting to me. 0$ )
Rulers, oil pen, blade, (rivets, rivet buttons, processing fees 6 ¥)

Step 2: Cut

Step 3: Success!

I really like your instructable! could you let me know where you purchased those daggers? they are very nice
This is my own doing, and if you come to China, I can give you!
Too bad I'm not coming to China anytime soon. I live practically on the other side of the world. Nice work!
wait ur allowed to carry around a visible blade in pubilic? lucky! if i tried that id get shot before i left my street. otherwise great desighn, maybe u could remove the fake leather, wet it and take a design and smash print it.
Thank you. I've either that or a similar knife and you've provided a great example fo a fun project. <br> <br>With bayonets that sort of leather hanging device would be called a 'frog'. I don't know why it's called that.
i have a dagger just like this one!!
I have one of those very same daggers. Lol nice ible
thank you!

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