DIY Dice Tower Plans





Introduction: DIY Dice Tower Plans

Make your own wood or acrylic dice tower using these free plans!  The model is blank so you can add your own designs to the sides and face or leave it plain and simple.  These plans are inspired by the great designs at 

A dice tower is a small construction used to roll dice for games and keep them from flying everywhere.  It's a small tower with shelves (or bafflers) built in at various angles to tumble the dice in order to achieve a random result ,and drawer to catch the dice at the bottom.

I decided to laser cut one out of 1/8" wood and etch a Tiki-style face onto the front because I thought the sliding drawer looked like a big square jaw! 

It's very simple to put together with the appropriate glue, as I hope the photos illustrate.  I made it at TechShop!



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    I love this idea! Your finished product looks awesome! Do you think you could put up the layout of the pieces in a pdf for printing out on a computer? I would like to try making this out of cardboard.

    How do I make this ? I mean the eps file, do I print it or what ?

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    You fill it out as you would like it and then send it to a CNC company like

    Nice one!
    Month ago I do one to print over paper:
    The instructions are in spanish, but I think is sooooo easy to build it up...


    Great idea, lets us escape the traditional version of rolling dice! Awesome!

    Love this! 5/5!

    This looks great! I'm going to make one for a game loving friend, I may give it a whirl out of clay the 20% shrinkage might be an issue but maybe not I'll keep ya posted! Great as always!

    whoa - this is super cool. How did you etch the face in? It looks like it was burned into the wood.

    Now, you just need a dice-based version of Zuma's Revenge...

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    Ewww O_o That would be HORRIBLE!

    Very nice graphics!

    Tiki Tiki Hoola Hoola this is being voted 5/5