DIY Digital Picture Frame (the Easy-lazy Way)


Introduction: DIY Digital Picture Frame (the Easy-lazy Way)

Inspired by the "12 dollar digital picture frame" on, I bough the Jukebox from Ebay and the connectivity kit from K-Mart.
However, I did not want to take the Jukebox apart as I was afraid my lack of craftiness will destroy it.
After an attempt to just put the device on top of a picture frame, which was deemed uttery ugly by wifey, I kind of gave up. So, it stayed unused for a couple of months, until I spotted at a garage sale just the type of frame I needed: one that would fit the Jukebox and the SD card INSIDE it.
The result is as follows:

Step 1: The Frame

This is the metal front of the garage sale picture frame. I removed the glass. I had to break it.
Be careful :)

Step 2: The Box Front

This is the box part of the picture frame. It fits the jukebox perfectly. I cut a rectangle where the screen and controls are.I placed some bubblewrap inside to prevent the jukebox from falling out, but it fits snugly insdie so it shouldn't be a problem.

Step 3: The Box Backside.

Note I cut a hole so I can turn the Jukebox on and off inside the box.

Step 4: The Final Result

This is the easy cheesy digital picture frame!
Notice I added some bkack duct-tape (taped back to back) to hide the red of the jukebox frame. You could paint your jukebox the same color as the box and achieve a better result.
Have fun!



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    Digital picture frames are a really popular gift project here on Instructables, and lots of people are searching for digital picture frame how-to's. So, in addition to this great project, check out this guide to some of the best digital picture frames we have:
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    I did something like this 2 years ago with a couple of Juice Box (not Jukebox, as mentioned in the tutorial) units and $1 photo frames with the matte (and back support) crafted from black foamboard. They are neat little units, but a point sorely missing from this tutorial is that the Juice Box doesn't take standard JPG files. Images have to be converted, either with the official software or fan-made utilities before the unit will recognize and display them. Once converted, it's easy to set it to a slideshow mode, so you can turn it on, set it, and leave it alone from there.

    if youve got a psp lying around that would also make a sufficient DPF. maybe someone could rite a code for it. so it would have weather, notes ect.

    this one actually looks better than the original instructable where the guy took it all all apart

    Looks nice ... I like simple things. How much did you spend for the jukebox?

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    the Jukebox was about 14 on ebay including shipping and the connectivity kit (32mb SD card, adapter for Jukebox, USB card reader) was 8 dollars at Kmart. The frame was 25 cents at a garage sale.

    What is this Juke box thing? And where can I get one (uk)

    Lucky me, I found four of them for sale today. I am selling them on Ebay one by one. For the first one, item number is 250056824999. Be advised that the auction does not include the connectivity kit!

    thanks, and someone else posted that you can use a floppy connector which will work well for my application - robust front mount slot on the frame was selling 6 juiceboxes for $24 last week. I picked up a set. I'm planning on making them in to picture frames for relatives that arent on the net. Then distribute the SD cards similar to sending out a link to a flickr photoset. The frame will have storage slots for the albums.

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    Hey that's a pretty cool idea. Aren't your relatives lucky?

    Sounds interesting, been thinking about doing this with a $2 digital 1.3 MP camera found at a yard sale. I might have to look further into it, although I would like a frame without as much black space between the frame and display.

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    if you can find one, it'd be great. I haven't seen anything closer to the size of the jukebox which would be thick enough to hold it.