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Inspired by the "12 dollar digital picture frame" on, I bough the Jukebox from Ebay and the connectivity kit from K-Mart.
However, I did not want to take the Jukebox apart as I was afraid my lack of craftiness will destroy it.
After an attempt to just put the device on top of a picture frame, which was deemed uttery ugly by wifey, I kind of gave up. So, it stayed unused for a couple of months, until I spotted at a garage sale just the type of frame I needed: one that would fit the Jukebox and the SD card INSIDE it.
The result is as follows:

Step 1: The Frame

Picture of The Frame

This is the metal front of the garage sale picture frame. I removed the glass. I had to break it.
Be careful :)

Step 2: The Box Front

Picture of The Box Front

This is the box part of the picture frame. It fits the jukebox perfectly. I cut a rectangle where the screen and controls are.I placed some bubblewrap inside to prevent the jukebox from falling out, but it fits snugly insdie so it shouldn't be a problem.

Step 3: The Box Backside.

Picture of The Box Backside.

Note I cut a hole so I can turn the Jukebox on and off inside the box.

Step 4: The Final Result

Picture of The Final Result

This is the easy cheesy digital picture frame!
Notice I added some bkack duct-tape (taped back to back) to hide the red of the jukebox frame. You could paint your jukebox the same color as the box and achieve a better result.
Have fun!


ewilhelm (author)2007-12-31

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Mr_Christopher (author)2008-11-17

I did something like this 2 years ago with a couple of Juice Box (not Jukebox, as mentioned in the tutorial) units and $1 photo frames with the matte (and back support) crafted from black foamboard. They are neat little units, but a point sorely missing from this tutorial is that the Juice Box doesn't take standard JPG files. Images have to be converted, either with the official software or fan-made utilities before the unit will recognize and display them. Once converted, it's easy to set it to a slideshow mode, so you can turn it on, set it, and leave it alone from there.

urban1413 (author)2008-11-03

if youve got a psp lying around that would also make a sufficient DPF. maybe someone could rite a code for it. so it would have weather, notes ect.

urban1413 (author)2008-11-03

this one actually looks better than the original instructable where the guy took it all all apart

frickelkram (author)2006-09-14

Looks nice ... I like simple things. How much did you spend for the jukebox?

JakeManes (author)frickelkram2007-04-17


mikekruger (author)frickelkram2006-09-14

the Jukebox was about 14 on ebay including shipping and the connectivity kit (32mb SD card, adapter for Jukebox, USB card reader) was 8 dollars at Kmart. The frame was 25 cents at a garage sale.

happyjeans (author)mikekruger2006-11-30

What is this Juke box thing? And where can I get one (uk)

mikekruger (author)happyjeans2006-12-02

Lucky me, I found four of them for sale today. I am selling them on Ebay one by one. For the first one, item number is 250056824999. Be advised that the auction does not include the connectivity kit!

westfw (author)2006-09-15

I've posted a miniSD to juicebox adaptor here: Might be useful if the supply of SD adaptors dries up like it looks like it is doing...

radiorental (author)westfw2006-09-19

thanks, and someone else posted that you can use a floppy connector which will work well for my application - robust front mount slot on the frame

radiorental (author)2006-09-14 was selling 6 juiceboxes for $24 last week. I picked up a set. I'm planning on making them in to picture frames for relatives that arent on the net. Then distribute the SD cards similar to sending out a link to a flickr photoset. The frame will have storage slots for the albums.

Hey that's a pretty cool idea. Aren't your relatives lucky?

Stormed (author)2006-09-13

Sounds interesting, been thinking about doing this with a $2 digital 1.3 MP camera found at a yard sale. I might have to look further into it, although I would like a frame without as much black space between the frame and display.

mikekruger (author)Stormed2006-09-14

if you can find one, it'd be great. I haven't seen anything closer to the size of the jukebox which would be thick enough to hold it.

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