Hi, i wanted to have a continuity tester (my multimeter doesn't have a buzzer) so i don´t have to look away from the circuit I am testing to see the multimeters display. Although i wanted a buzzer i also added a LED and an on/off switch for late night tinkering "stealth mode"
I don´t have any engineering or electronics background (actually i am a surgeon), but i love to make stuff and i am self teaching electronics with the help from Google and instructables.com . This is my first instructable and English isn´t my native tongue, so bear with me please...

DISCLAIMER: If following this guide anything/anyone/yourself damages i shall not be held responsible.Do it at your own risk. Take all the safety measures (goggles, gloves, etc)

Step 1: Bill of Materials:

-Highlighter (worn out)
-Blue LED
-555 IC
-0.01uF ceramic capacitors= 2
-1uF electrolitic capacitor = 1
-180 k resistor = 1
-56 k resistor= 1 (i did it on the weekend with no opened stores, so i used 47k + 10k series resistors)
-Piezo buzzer= 1 (i used a Hycom HY-07 that i took from an old modem)
-Button cell batteries= 3
-Battery holder (from a cheap-o pen/flashlight i had)

-Soldering Iron
-hot glue gun
-xacto knife
You are brave to solder directly to the IC. I tend to destroy ICs and try to use a socket to avoid static electricity damage. The US Navy Electronics course is available free for download (1998 edition) <a href="http://jacquesricher.com/NEETS/" rel="nofollow">here</a>. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn basic electronics from beginning to end. Thank you for your very practical Instructable.
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If you use a piezo buzzer module, rather than a piezo speaker, <br>then you can omit the 555 and associated components. A piezo <br>buzzer needs only current applied to buzz, and requires no oscillator <br>to drive it. <br> <br>Nicely done project, though.
thanks, i&acute;ll have that in mind for next time.
Thanks, the 555 timer is like the swiss army knife of electronics, and internet is a great powerful tool for courious people like us..
Great Idea! Got to love the versatility of the 555 timer. Also, how great is the internet? I'm teaching myself electronics through the same method.

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