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Disc bags are either tiny and cheap or crazy expensive. If you want a back pack style bag you are going to easily pay $150 plus. I came across this picture of a bag used by redditor martial_arts. After poking around on bag-related posts on r/discgolf I came across this post in DG Course Review that describes how to hack a cheap backpack from Target. I only made one small modification to the original design to add an additional storage area in the bag. All things considered this version cost me $20! If you don't have any pvc pipes and fittings the cost will go up by about $5.

Credit (as far as I know) for the idea goes to Trizzor and a special thanks to martial_arts!

Step 1: Find a Suitable Backpack

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I used the "Jar Top" backpack made by Embark. These are available at Target and on their website. I picked up mine on sale for $20. They also have an "elite" version for $10 more with thicker/padded fabric. I opted for cheap and light. If I need to fix some stitching or add some duct tape later it will just make me like the bag better.

If you opt for a different bag you are really looking for two characteristics. The most obvious is that you want the storage compartment to be wide and deep enough to accommodate your discs. The other is that you want a bag that doesn't have zippers that split the bag down the sides. Remember that the whole point is to be able to walk around with it open and not be afraid that all your discs are going to fall out!

Step 2: Build the Frame

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I used 3/4 inch pvc that I had on hand. It should be fairly obvious from the picture what goes where. I cut the horizontal pieces 25 cm and the vertical pieces 18 cm. The shorter sections of pvc that I used across the top and to connect the feet were 10 cm. The origional design didn't have the feet at the bottom. I wanted my discs to ride a little higher in the bag and this also allows for storage under the discs (extra shirt/towel, a couple brews, a blue tooth speaker, etc).

Step 3: Pack Your Bag!

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The frame should fit snuggly to maximize the number of discs you can carry. If you build to my dimensions the top flap should just barely close without having to stress the seams or zipper.

The top and front flap can be tucked in so that you have a couple easy access slots for your putters. There is a lined pocket on the top for your valuables and two bottle holders that snuggle accommodate the big fat nalgene bottles. Don't forget a couple golf balls to get discs down from trees and some sharpies to autograph your aces!

Happy hucking!


robotmaster123 made it! (author)2017-10-15

This was a very well done project and I enjoy it a lot. it was a little more than 25 to 30 dollars because I had to use the big jartop backpack. But overall it was way better than one of those bags that cost 60$-70$. It was about 45 dollars to get everything. and I can fit 20 discs in there, so thank you.

hap196 made it! (author)2017-06-17

I stumbled upon this post after being blown away by the prices of similar, commercially made disc golf bags that had a spot for a hydration bladder. I wanted the discs to sit up as high as possible and the Camelbak bladder to be down in the bottom for ballast. I chose the larger, $35 Jartop backback because it had a few more pockets but more importantly, an extra laptop sleeve up against your back and I thought its padding would be nice.

I thought I could save on space and weight from the pvc pipe frame with lightweight bins, which I found wandering around at Target when I bought the bag. I initially grabbed black ones but ended up returning them for white ones to make it easier to find stuff down in the bag. They fit inside the bag perfectly. I did two upper bins stacked on one lower bin.

I made a collar out of some plastic cups to keep the drink holder open. There's room for improvement there, because my coffee thermos drops too low in the sleeve to make it easy to grab.

I also may cut another slot for the Camelbak hose in a different location to create a little more slack. It's just short enough that I have to turn my head sideways to drink from it, which is annoying when you're walking.

Getting the bladder in and out is a nuisance, since you have to take the discs and the upper bins out, but it only takes a few seconds.

All in all though it is awesome. The weight of everything is distributed nicely and it is very comfortable to carry. $41 plus tax since I already had the Camelbak.

sjehl and MexPistol, thanks for posting. I love this bag.

MexPistol made it! (author)2015-10-26

Works great. Thinking about putting a bottom on the inside. I'm afraid the legs will poke through over time. Also, I can fit 8 beers and 2 ice packs in the bottom!

ToolHoard (author)2014-07-27

The bag itself makes me want to take up disc golf haha well done!

Petergottm (author)2014-07-23


Verticees (author)2014-07-23


jessyratfink (author)2014-07-23

Very clever!

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