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Not too long ago, my son-in-law came up to me, and told me he had an idea for an Instructable.  He and many of his friends play disc golf.  It is s sport that is growing in popularity.  Discs (Frisbees) are thrown from a starting point to the first basket and then from that disc golf basket to the next basket.  My son-in-law wanted a “Nut Sack” a bag made to hold discs as he/she plays the game.  Money is an issue at our house and the “Nut Sack” ( were more that he was willing to pay.  He went shopping and came home with a yard of dark blue canvas, some grey fleece.  He brought me his old guitar strap.  I have spent this last month contemplating how to create this wonder piece of sporting equipment.  Today, I “got ‘er done”.  It took longer to make the pattern than it did to make the sack, and this is how I did it.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Nut Sack 36.JPG
Nut Sack 28.JPG
½ yard (46cm) canvas
½ yard (46cm) thin fleece
Thread (to match the canvas)
Hand sewing needle
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors
2 buttons
Guitar strap
1 set magnetic clasps
Straight pins
A set of 6 discs (for measurement  purposes)

Step 2:

Picture of
Nut Sack 4.JPG
I taped some sheets of paper together, placed the largest disc from his collection on top of one end of the paper (leaving room for seam allowance).  I traced the disc. I then used to ruler to extend the edges of the circle for ¾ inch seam allowance.

Step 3:

Picture of
I then measured the stack of 6 discs at 3½ inch (9cm) deep. 
Very nice work. Disc Golf is AWESOME!
Hahahaha 'nut sack' hhahahahahahahahah
jaycruz1 year ago
Good job dude. Looks pretty sweet!