How to make a furniture just with cardboard or carton, this is a disney model furniture just created with cardboard, it is an easy craft that you can DIY.

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Step 1: Step by Step Video

Materials I used:

- Cardboard/carton

- Hot glue

- Cutter

- Painters paste or popcorn ceiling paste

- Masking tape

- Polystyrene balls

- Rules, pencils.....

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<p>Wow! That is amazing! Who would have thought that it was possible to make an awesome chest of drawers entirely out of cardboard? Nice job, it is truly incredible.</p>
<p>very nice, ill try something less complex in my forst attempt, but awesome work congrats. ;)</p>
<em>this is so cooooooooool</em>
<p>I want this! Maybe I can get a friend to make this for me... :p</p>
<p>This is an instructable?</p>
<p>in the video you can find the step by step</p>
<p>This is probably built better than most furniture you can buy today. Great Job!</p>
<p>How many hours did you spend making this?</p>
This is seriously cool. Can't believe that is made out of cardboard!
<p>This looks amazing! I would have never thought that was made from cardboard! Great work</p>
<p>Absolutely love this! I can see making tons of other types of play items using your technique for my kids to play with! Thank you.</p>
<p>This is great!!</p>
Cool idea
<p>Hey there, if you break out the steps and write the instructions this will be a featured project and more people will see it. Keep this in mind when posting other Instructables. Some people like to read the instructions :) </p>
<p>That is awesome!</p>

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