DIY Disney Cabinet, Cardboard Furnitures





Introduction: DIY Disney Cabinet, Cardboard Furnitures

How to make a furniture just with cardboard or carton, this is a disney model furniture just created with cardboard, it is an easy craft that you can DIY.

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Step 1: Step by Step Video

Materials I used:

- Cardboard/carton

- Hot glue

- Cutter

- Painters paste or popcorn ceiling paste

- Masking tape

- Polystyrene balls

- Rules, pencils.....

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    16 Discussions

    Wow! That is amazing! Who would have thought that it was possible to make an awesome chest of drawers entirely out of cardboard? Nice job, it is truly incredible.


    1 year ago

    very nice, ill try something less complex in my forst attempt, but awesome work congrats. ;)


    this is so cooooooooool

    I want this! Maybe I can get a friend to make this for me... :p

    This is seriously cool. Can't believe that is made out of cardboard!

    Absolutely love this! I can see making tons of other types of play items using your technique for my kids to play with! Thank you.

    Hey there, if you break out the steps and write the instructions this will be a featured project and more people will see it. Keep this in mind when posting other Instructables. Some people like to read the instructions :)