This instructable is about the construction of a dive light with parts  that you can get at the local harware store.The ring at the back side is used as a rotary switch. This ring is coverd with ballbearing balls for grip.  More details can be found at http://www.divelight.me.pn/ or http://www.duiklamp.me.pn/ for an explanation in Dutch.

Step 1: The Parts

Basic parts are a 50mm alluminium tube of 250 mm and a number of PVC "plumbing" parts.
Hello Mathew,<br><br>thank you for your interest.<br>I have put this information on:<br>http://www.divelight.me.pn/electronics.html<br>Please let me know if you have additional questions.<br><br>Best regards, Cor
<p>Mind explaining the circuit?</p>
Some really interesting ideas here. I like the use of reed switches and magnets,

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