My dog loves to burrow into her blanket and sleep in a dog, but sometimes dog beds can be pricey, so why not make your own? The bed I made is about 16" by 16" pillow like bed. It makes a great gift for dog lovers out there.

This is what make me want to make my own: http://www.foreverhomepet.com/small-pet-bed

Step 1: Materials

Fabric, matching thread, scissors or a rotary cutter, pins and a needle, a ruler, a sewing machine (or you can hand sew it), a marker, stuffing or a pillow
<p>Cute! Maybe I'll do it for my kitty Enya.</p>
<p>My baby's name is Enya too! But now I'm trying this lol. </p>
<p>How about finding a pillow the size you want for your pet and making the whole cover and snuggle blanket like a fancy pillow cover. Then you can unzip or unvelco it and wash it when needed?</p>
:3 i like it

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