Step 3: Making the Blanket

Because my fabric makes a mess I sew 2 pieces together and flip inside-out. I noticed I didn't have much of one fabric to make the blanket so I'm using 2 different scrape fabrics.the blanket I made is 17" by 12.50".
Pin it all together, then sew it all together leaving one side open to be flipped inside out.
Tie off the treads trim the extra fabric.

Tip* You don't need to sew the opening the to the blanket it'll be sewed closed later on.
<p>Cute! Maybe I'll do it for my kitty Enya.</p>
<p>My baby's name is Enya too! But now I'm trying this lol. </p>
<p>How about finding a pillow the size you want for your pet and making the whole cover and snuggle blanket like a fancy pillow cover. Then you can unzip or unvelco it and wash it when needed?</p>
:3 i like it

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