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Introduction: DIY Dog Popsicle

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The weather's heating up and so is your dog! Why don't you give them something to cool off with! What better treat than a Home Made Dog Popsicle! It's so easy to make and they'll go bonkers over it!

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Here's what you need:

1- Bully Stick

1- Can of chicken broth

1- Chicken heart or other treat (optional)

1- Popsicle form

Let's get started!

Step 1:

Take your Popsicle mold and put a treat inside (I use a chicken heart)

Step 2:

Fill it up with chicken broth, place your bully stick in the mold, secure the top of the mold and put in the freezer.

Step 3:

When it is completely frozen, take the mold out and run under hot water for a few seconds till it will come out of the mold.

Step 4:

Give it to your dog and watch them go bizurk!



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    Can dogs eat jicama, it is a Mexican potato.

    Awesome idea!!! Just make sure you use low salt or no salt broth. Maybe even homemade broth! So many possibilities.....

    This looks great, but wouldn't your dogs' tongue stick to it?

    Have you used the new editor? It makes it much easier to break your 'ible up into steps...

    2 replies

    Yes, but this is a photo instructable instead of a traditional instructable.

    No worries, just thought I'd ask.

    You did consider calling them Pupsicles, didn't you?

    These are awesome. Can't wait to make 'em for the family pups...thanks for sharing them!

    Oh man, my dog would love this! She loves plain ice cubes already, so if it was also delicious flavored she would probably think she was in heaven!