Zippy our dog for a long period of time had an old wire frame doghouse that a neighbor was kind enough to donate to us when she first pushed her way through our door into our house. The old house, though, was getting old and starting to sag and rest so we decided to change that. After some quick research online my mom and I decided that the cost of buying a doghouse was exceedingly high compared to the cost of actually building one. So like an fantastic mom she drove me to Lowes, and left me to get the supplies for her design while she went to go get the paint.

We drove home with a trunk full of lumber and got started that morning. Zippy did not have to miss a single night of sleeping in a house.

Step 1: 3D Model

To plan out the design I first built the doghouse using sketchup and used the measurements from that to buy the proper amount of woods and so on.
<p>I love this. It'd make a nice little den for the dog, and I think I could modify it to make a cat feeding station, since I currently have a small table dedicated to that to prevent the dog from getting at their food.</p>
This is really cool, I too am making a dog house for my two small dogs although mine is a bit more complex as I have 8-9 months to make it for a sixth form (college) project for my Product Design class. Also, to achieve the highest grade I intend to have curved outside walls that have been laminated around a jig. As mine is for two dogs and will need to be situated outside due to the size, I have decided to make it two stories high with a turfed roof. As the project is ongoing I am unable to post the SketchUp file of the product online yet but I can post some screenshots if anybody is interested. <br> <br>Once again, congratulations on this project, I hope your dog is comfy!
This came out so well.
You are a very good dog parent. Your structure, with only slight modifications, could be upscaled quite easily for a minihouse for a human, too. Nice job.
Thanks. I will let you know if I ever do.

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