DIY Doormat: Nautical Style




Introduction: DIY Doormat: Nautical Style

Turn an ordinary, inexpensive doormat into a trendy nautical statement for your home entry. 

* Preval Sprayer --
* Plain natural fiber doormat --
* Acrylic paint "Ultramarine blue" by Liquatex Basics --
* Printer
* Anchor image 
* Cardstock or manila folders
* Self-healing mat or cardboard
* Exacto knife
* Tape

Let's get started!

Print the anchor vector image onto heavy cardstock or regular paper. We found this simple illustration on Google images. If you print on regular paper, tape it to a manilla folder. Either way, you’ll use your exacto knife to cut along the anchor.

Cut the entire anchor out, and cut the small circle from the top of the anchor out of the scrap.

Next, prep the Preval Sprayer! Add 1 ounce of acrylic paint and 2 ounces of water. Cap, shake and attach the spray can.

Now, you're ready to spray. Place the anchor in the center of the mat and cover any exposed areas around the stencil.

Do a test spray onto scrap paper before sweeping the paint across the anchor cut out. Spray as many layer’s as you’d like before carefully removing the stencil to reveal your finished DIY door mat.

Anchors away!



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