Step 5: Remove Toner

This can be an awful job if you don't have any acetone, so I really suggest you going down to your local pharmacy (Boots will do in the UK) and get some Nail Polish Remover!

Just remove the Brown tape from the board and got at it with an abrassive pad and the acetone and you should get it off in a minute or two!

Thats one side done, if you want to do the other you'll need to clean the back the same as stage 2, then piercing the graphics with a pin or drill bit, guide it into place using the alignment holes. Iron this side exactly the same as stage 3, don't forget to cover the side thats already been etched in brown tape (as well as the alignment holes) then start stage 4's etching process again.

Once you have removed the tape and toner from the back, you'll be left with a beautiful double sided PCB. It's not quite finished yet though...

Great job which software ur usedto make pcb
<p>very technical </p>
<p>good one </p>
<p>I've never done this so it may be a stupid question but it seems risky to etch the second side after the first. Would it be possible to offset the toner on to both sides and etch both sides together?</p>
This is possible, but you need to align top and bottom parts perfectly.
Are you i see monstas?
Great instructable! Thanks for the tip about using magazine paper for transfer. I was using ink jet photo paper but this seems even simpler and cheaper. Thanks for the tip!<br>Cheers <br>

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