I saw a Dremel stand on Amazon that allows you to hang your Dremel so it is easier to use the flex shaft attachement. I looked it over and said what I'm sure is the battle cry of many of my fellow ible-ites..."I can make that!!!" So here's how I did it.

Step 1: Background/Disclaimer/Whoops!!!

Just to clarify I originally meant for this piece to be easily broken down. The base was to remain in place and the pole was supposed to be removable. However, during the course of the project I suffered a brief spell of goal amnesia (A.K.A. a brain fart of magnitude 10) and ended up with a permanent installation. In my case this is no big deal, but I will try to note what you could do differently in various steps in order to make this a temporary install. In case you or your loved one would find a permanently mounted stand unsightly or inconvenient.
I'm guessing the metal pin found in the street is a loose hinge pin? Real loose judging by how you came across it.
I didn't know you had to buy the stand separately - my dremel-clone came with both.<br/><br/>Good job, though.<br/><br/><sub>(Jealous glare at the drill press - I need a bigger shed)</sub><br/>
Lol dont we all my dads halfway through making a workshop in the garden (Or as my sister calls it a big ugly tin box) when thats done im gonna add some shelves and add my Junk in there lol
Thanks!!! That drill press is proof that I have the COOLEST wife ever. She got that for me for Valentine's Day. I didn't even ask for it.
got to love wives that can remember what tools you want ....I have a fordom and dremels and knockoffs that when I am doing a carving demo I always need a stand got to mount this on a old fan stand and see if it will stay in place ....very nice job
I saw an IV pole in a hospital a couple of days ago and thought it would make a great mobile stand for a Dremel. You'd just have to find a way to lock the wheels once you had it where you wanted it.
Thanks. Hope you're able to make it work.
True love... (You could reciprocate by arranging a membership here...)
I could...but ibles isn't quite her cup of tea.
Lol, I think we have that exact drill press...
I hope it has served you as well as mine has served me. I goes through wood, plastic and metal like they were better. Definately one of th besr gifts I've ever gotten.
It goes through golf balls like hot butter! :D
I'll keep that in mind for the next time I decide to repurpose one.

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