DIY Drill and Plywood Illustration





Introduction: DIY Drill and Plywood Illustration

I was curious to see what would happened if I tried to drill an illustration onto some plywood. Ended up with a day time night time decor piece.

For more info and pictures check out Home Tree Atlas

Step 1: Tools

All you really need is a print out of an illustration. I found my online and took it to the printers. Had it cheaply blown up to A1 size as a potter/blueprint/engineer print out.

You'll then need a sheet of plywood the size of the illustration, a drill, a different sized drill bits.

Step 2: Drilling

I ended up only using 3 sizes of drill bits

Step 3: Drilling

There was no real plan here. I just used the bigger drill bit for the thicker parts of the illustration, then worked my way around it. I did use the smaller drill bit for the important parts of the illustration (nose, mouth, eyes) to get more details.

Step 4: All Drilled

Step 5: Night Time

I stuck some LED lights on the back to light it up at night.



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    I am a Leo and have been looking for something cool, found it. Thanks

    Well done, this is awesome... really nice

    Wow! I might make one of those one day :)


    It's beautiful!

    I know my next project! Thanks for the idea!!