This project took about 3 months to completely finish. It acts as a gravity sensing light up "steering wheel" that allows the user to interact with driving games by tilting and turning the steering wheel. This is a great gift for tech people or anyone that is getting ready to drive. Later in the project I explain how you can take this project further to include gas and brake pedals, then with a little software modification, have a real working driving simulator. This setup converts forward tilt into the 'w' key, backward tilt into the 's' key, left tilt into the 'a' key, and right tilt into the 'd' key, although this can be modified to use arrow keys quite easily. I only used wasd because that is how I programmed my driving game in game maker. I teach you how to use real gravitational sensing potentiometers and then, for those of you like myself who can't afford to buy things of that nature, show you both where to find them in household items and how to build your own from scratch!

Step 1: The Gravity Sensing Potentiometer

I found a commercial grade one in an old helicopter remote, but if you don't want to buy one, the next step tells you how to build your own one.
For the sake of people who are going to build their own one, I built my simulator sensor with one commercial sensor and one homemade sensor (you need 2 total)
well done! <br>could show us a video of it in action?
I'm working in it. My arduino started doing wierd stuff before I could video (I'm not sure why, it just started giving me errors when trying to upload) so it may be a while before I can save up the $ for a new chip.

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