Picture of DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit v1.0
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The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone (or technically, an UAV). The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different objects.

For more advanced uses, you can take the original designs and alter the kit by making your own custom clamps or add-ons as needed.

The plastic parts have been 3D printed in ABS. The control unit contains a receiver, four ESCs, a bluetooth module and an Flight Controller. I've provided a list of the hardware and electronic parts I've been using, but feel free to try your own combination.

Watch a video of the kit in action below or continue to the next step.

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Step 1: The 3D Parts

Picture of The 3D Parts
Lets start with an overview of all the 3D printed parts.
I recommend printing them in ABS or something similarly strong and durable. I printed them in ABS with a fill of around 50% and a rectangular mesh, but I think printing them with slightly more fill might be better. It will not increase the weight that much (all the printed parts are pretty light) and might increase the strength quite a bit.

Inside the file you will find:
* The orignal SolidWorks files
* STL files that are ready to be printed
* Renders of all the 3D files to get an idea of what they look like – please note they are all rendered at different scales.

For the basic kit, you will need the following parts:

4 x motor_mount – the part that holds the motor
4 x clamp.stl – the main body of the clamp
4 x clamp_bar.stl – the small block that forms the other end of the clamp
4 x bolt_handle.stl – a
1 x box_top.stl
1 x box_bottom.stl

Optionally you can also print the extender.stl file 4 times. This extender can be used to create a bit of extra space between to propellors to prevent them from hitting each other. I have used these in the kit you see in the photos as well.

Continue to the next step for the nuts, bolts and washers needed.
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nail.salafy4 months ago
Jasper van Loenen hello! You can help get your set of drone?
willyw25 months ago

This DIY Drone kit look pretty cool. Me myself i wish i could get one but i do not own a 3D printer and i cannon get the parts that are used in this. I wish i could get them but in your early'er reply's to comments that say you do not sell them is quite disappointing! I have been trying to learn how to build one out of house hold items but i cannot find a motor that is small enough and light weight enough , cheap enough to work for my own needs. If you can send me a link to a webpage that sells small, cheap motors i would really appreciate it! (also i checked out your website and clicked the link to the website that sells the motors i couldn't find the price)

great design, how long can it fly for?

despistado11 months ago

Excellent work!! whats max altitude? and the weight can handle?

jwatkins131 year ago

This looks tailormade for a summer camp project!

kivster1 year ago
I don't have a 3d printer so can somebody recommend one that is not super expensive

The cube starts at around $1,000. It's a good choice for beginners due to its ease of use and intuitive design program.

If you consider yourself more technologically advanced, has some 'make your own' kits to look into.

Marker10241 year ago
excellent I will be printing this soon, thanks for sharing
wiredzax1 year ago
IT really is a cordless phone.
Halphinian1 year ago
this is awesome!
krukieh1 year ago
how much the total cost of each drone (motors, battery..etc?
what kind of 3d printer do you recommend?
can you buy the clamps from hardware store?
I like the idea of attaching it to any object.
was the drone able to fly missions autonomously since you are using autopilot
javl (author)  krukieh1 year ago
But my parts were printed on an Up! printer in ABS. Someone else printed them for me, as I do not own my own printer. I would recommend ABS over PLA because it has better UV and temperature resistance. Might not be needed, but for something thats going to fly around its better to be safe than sorry.

The clamps can't be bough from a hardware store, as they are my design and you need to print them yourself ;)

I'm not using an autopilot but OpenPilot, which is an opensource project. At this point I can't use GPS and such, but I guess you can use a different controller that can.
Hello sir,
Is there any way you can make a video showing us how you assembled the entire drone (I mean connecting the parts and putting them all together). I will be using this for my project. in college.
meoutside1 year ago

Very cool, nice work!

Is there anything you would change about the design?
Do you like the sizing on the motors, propellers and speed control?

lukeD1 year ago
how much are the total costs of this project?
ThePuzzler1 year ago
How much did all the parts cost together? This would be an awesome gift for my friend.
what is the longest flight time you get with this setup?
scci1 year ago
How long does it fly for?
scci1 year ago
Make a youtube channel and attach these to more things please... I want to see the silver case fly
krukieh1 year ago
how about the servos (motors), did you 3d print these from scratch? I did not see a printing file for it. or you bought them from Hobbyking?
marhar1 year ago
Great design and brilliant execution... Congratulations!!
oesti1 year ago
Congrats on winning the grand prize!

How about using your kit to turn the 3DR quad into a done? ;)
sailtome691 year ago
Very nice. You going to sell the kits? :-)
javl (author)  sailtome691 year ago
No, sorry.
I'd like to purchase one of these kits. How do i do so?
javl (author)  designbymobius1 year ago
Sorry, I do not sell them. Feel free to download the files and make your own though!
And voted 4 you!
javl (author)  JanPieterman1 year ago
Thank you!
chros1 year ago
Great work!
I've got two questions: How long did your quad approx. fly with your setups (bike rim, phone,... )? What was your expirience with the kk board? Cause this v2.0 should have more or less the same features like the cc3d for half the price...
javl (author)  chros1 year ago
I haven't flown it extensively (yet) as this was part of my graduation and I couldn't really take it outside during the exhibition.

I have hardly any experience with the KK board. I actually bought it while waiting for the CC3D to be released, and apart from trying to hover it a bit off the floor I never got to fly it. I think it's a simple but proven board though.
This is a cool inscrutable but the fact that they are buying a pre made kit and this is how to assemble your kit is a bit of shame, because you seem very good at explaining but you explained how to make your kit and nothing more.

I must say though, i do like the idea of attaching it to anything,if it were a hexacopter that had a it of redundancy i would attach it to a tablet computer, but as a quad i would be too afraid a motor fails and it crashes, i think the biggest failure points in the design are the wire joints, you have made this to be very flexible, but metal will only bend so many times before it fatigues and snaps especially solder joins like the motor windings.
javl (author)  Jared_Reabow1 year ago
Jared, not Jered, sorry.
javl (author)  Jared_Reabow1 year ago
He Jered, thanks for your comment. I just want to stress that I'm not selling anything, I'm giving away the designs for my kit for free.

I don't expect a lot of people to fully follow my instructable from beginning to end. My intention is to show some techniques I used, which might also be useful for others. For instance, someone already responded that he is going to make a case like mine. It won't be for a drone, but he liked the way I built it. Others might find my way of making a clamp that lets you connect things at different orientations interesting (you can connect the clamp in different ways, while the motor ca still point upwards).

I'm not sure about your point concerning the wire joints. There is no real tention on any part of the wire, When moving the motors around you get the flexibility from the cable, which will not break as long as you don't force it into weird sharp corners. It like, I don't know... moving your phone around while it's still plugged into the power outlet: as long as you don't walk away with it or step on the cable, the connections will be fine.

Again, my instructable is mostly meant to show different parts of the design which might be useful to others.
except where can I d/l the do it yourself file
javl (author)  skrewedbylyfe1 year ago
It's the file called attached to step 1.
wonsnot1 year ago
I have wanted to put together something like this for a long time, but due to my inexperience I have not been able to find a cost effective way of doing this, and your parts list is perfect.
javl (author)  wonsnot1 year ago
Great to be able to help. Let me know how it turned out!
ToolboxGuy1 year ago
How long does the battery take to charge?
javl (author)  ToolboxGuy1 year ago
Charging usually takes about 20 minutes. It's pretty quick!
gowtham021 year ago
Hi Thanks for the instructible.
Very clear explanation.
But I could not get more information about "flight controller". Where did you get that?
Please let me know .
Thanks in advance
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