DIY Dual Monitor Stand for Less Than $10





Introduction: DIY Dual Monitor Stand for Less Than $10

Greetings Makers!

I always dreamed of having a Multi-Monitor Setup. I was not able to afford one. After some savings I bought two monitors. It's kindof messy when you place them on the table. I don't want them to be wall mounted also. Monitors Mounts( with added features like two axis movement ) are as costlier as Monitors in the country where I live. Basic models are not available. Hence I thought I should make one on my own. I didn't expect it to look nice. I used some off the shelf parts, two VESA monitor mount which I bought from ebay for 460 INR ($8 approx) and a little help from my Dad :) This was not intended to be a tutorial or step by step make. I just explained how I made mine.

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Step 1: Stuff That I Used

  • One Old Steel Frame ( I am not sure you will get this thing anywhere, I got this one from a old machine)Wooden Plank
  • Two 100X100 VESA mount ( Since I have dual monitors )
  • Black Paint
  • Few Screws and Clamp

Things That i Bought:

  • Two VESA Mounts for 460 INR

Step 2: Fixing Wooden Plank

Attach the Clamp to the Metal Frame with a Single Pipe bracket. Just to make sure the stability.

Step 3: VESA + Monitor <3

  • Mount the VESA Mounts to the monitor with screws given. Make sure you tighten the screw :P
  • Fix the VESA holder to the wooden Plank. Mark it accordingly so that you will have a optimal view on both monitor.

Step 4: Paint Them As You Like

Paint them with the colour you want. Attach the monitor and have some Cool Dual Screen Wallpaper for your Dual Monitor Setup

Step 5: Masterpiece

Treat Yourself :)



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    Very nice, love the simplicity of it, much better than an expensive piece of mass produced junk. Good job!

    I was very impressed and voted for you after I saw it. I love repurposing things, absolutely love it.

    Good luck,


    Good project I like how you did it. It is neat and well done. How did you install the brackets on the back of the monitors as in picture three? Thanks!

    The Mount Comes with a wall mount which you can fix to a wall and a Monitor Mount to attach with Monitor VESA. Sorry i couldn't display it it picture. I won't do this in my future instructable :)

    Love the backgrounds, haha.

    At least someone is using linux here

    ha ha ! Debian Gnu/Linux Btw