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I always dreamed of having a Multi-Monitor Setup. I was not able to afford one. After some savings I bought two monitors. It's kindof messy when you place them on the table. I don't want them to be wall mounted also. Monitors Mounts( with added features like two axis movement ) are as costlier as Monitors in the country where I live. Basic models are not available. Hence I thought I should make one on my own. I didn't expect it to look nice. I used some off the shelf parts, two VESA monitor mount which I bought from ebay for 460 INR ($8 approx) and a little help from my Dad :) This was not intended to be a tutorial or step by step make. I just explained how I made mine.

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Step 1: Stuff that I used

  • One Old Steel Frame ( I am not sure you will get this thing anywhere, I got this one from a old machine)Wooden Plank
  • Two 100X100 VESA mount ( Since I have dual monitors )
  • Black Paint
  • Few Screws and Clamp

Things That i Bought:

  • Two VESA Mounts for 460 INR
<p>I was very impressed and voted for you after I saw it. I love repurposing things, absolutely love it.</p><p>Good luck,</p><p>Ambles</p>
<p>Good project I like how you did it. It is neat and well done. How did you install the brackets on the back of the monitors as in picture three? Thanks!</p>
<p>The Mount Comes with a wall mount which you can fix to a wall and a Monitor Mount to attach with Monitor VESA. Sorry i couldn't display it it picture. I won't do this in my future instructable :)</p>
Love the backgrounds, haha.
<p>thanks <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/pmcfluffington" rel="nofollow">pmcfluffington</a><br> <br> <br> <br> </p>
<p>At least someone is using linux here</p>
<p>ha ha ! Debian Gnu/Linux Btw</p>

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