DIY Duct Tape Flower





Introduction: DIY Duct Tape Flower

Step 1: Materials

You will need green duct tape and any other color duct tape. You will also need a pen and scissors.

Step 2: Making the Stem

Measure some green duct tape the length of your pen(or pencil!) and cut it. Then roll your pen(or pencil!) in the duct tape till you run out of the piece of duct tape.

Step 3: Making the Petals

You will want to make about 15-20 2inch. Pieces of duct tape for your petals. Then bend a corner of one piece so it makes a half corner. Then gold the other corner.

Step 4: Making the Flower

Put the end of your pen on one of the ends of your finished petal(s) then just roll your pen like you did when making the stem. And just continue until you run out of petal or think it looks finished! If you run out of petals and it doesn't look finished the make and add more petals!! There! Your done!!

Step 5: Make More!

Make more pen flowers for friends and family!!!



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    i love it was so fun!!!!