Step 12: Insert Vacuum Nozzle

Picture of Insert Vacuum Nozzle
Now all you have to do is insert the vacuum nozzle. I'm going to have it held in place by the edges of the hole I made for it in the container. I may epoxy the nozzle in place in the future as sealing around it may create stronger suction. However, it is less likely to get snapped off as I take it in and out of storage. Ah decisions, decisions...

In my first test I ground down a piece of scrap wood, but I wasn't able to see the particles being drawn into the vacuum. However, I didn't find them collecting in bottom of the container so I'm pretty confident it worked. I'll have to play around some more and see if I can get a video of it in action.
Caracasyyo4 years ago
You got a 5 Star. From Caracas, Venezuela.
Caracasyyo4 years ago
Exelente idea, para hacer trabajos en la pequeña mesa de trabajo en casa, RadBear
flaco16 years ago
Great idea! My wife always nags me when I use my Dremel because of the dust (mostly wood). I wonder if the gloves might be over kill? If you have the vacuum attached opposite your glove openings the vacuum should pull the air through the spaces between your arms and the openings and out the back. Just a thought.
RadBear (author)  flaco16 years ago
The gloves may be a bit of overkill, but they keep any dust that may settle on your hands from escaping when you pull your hands out.