I have a lot of dust in my little basement wood shop. New off-the-shelf ceiling mounted filtration units are a bit expensive. So before buying one I did an easy little build using an old window fan and some scrap wood that was laying around. So far I've been pleasantly impressed. It moves a good amount of air, is very quiet, and doesn't take up a lot of room. Time will tell just how efficient it is, but for now it seems okay.

For the filtration I used two cheap blue filters 12" x 24" x 1", and then one good 3M filter of the same size. I wired in a switch and screwed the box to the ceiling joists.

The video shows the full build. The whole project only took a few hours.

Thanks for taking a look.

I used a box fan, which pulls an incredible amount of air.
<p>This is such a great idea! I have some old pallets laying around and was about to clean up a mess in the garage of the house we are renting and I knew that there would be plenty of dust and possibly some mold that would get stirred up so I made one using the basic idea you have here. This is really my first wood working project and I don't have the tools or knowledge to make one this nice (at least not yet!) Anyway, I plan on polishing my version up with some sanding and paint to make it look nicer and we can use it any time we need it. I also made it so that the fan can be pulled out during the &quot;Windows open&quot; season. Thanks for the inspiration and for keeping me from buying a $100 version at the store!</p>
<p>Excellent! You will be pleasantly surprised how well it will work. Keep it on when you're making dust and leave it on for a while when you're done. It has greatly improved the air quality in my shop.</p>
<p>Awesome! I'd be curious as to how much dust will end up getting stuck inside the fan even after it passes through the filter like that. That's an excellent diy filter!</p>
<p>This is a great idea.</p>
<p>This looks really great, and has gone on my &quot;To Build in the Near Future&quot; list! Great job making it yourself - the cover looks superb.</p>

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