DIY EL Screens





Introduction: DIY EL Screens

Based on information and material provided by John Sarik from the Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics Manuel Kretzer led a short workshop with the CAAD MAS class 2010/11 to produce selfmade electroluminescent displays as an introduction to a larger EL project. 

necessary equipment
- 2 screens for screenprinting: (150 threads/ inch and 190 threads/ inch)
- craft robo cc 330-20
- hot plate or hair dryer
- wire, copper tape, electrical tape, etc...
- ulanocut green knife cut film 
- sponge, squeegees
- EL experimenter's kit including:
 1 vial of DuPont Luxprint phosphor ink
 1 vial of DuPont Luxprint dielectric ink
 1 vial of DuPont Luxprint silver ink
 3 indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates
 1 surplus EL power supply

step 1: design simple shape according to glass substrate 
step 2: apply thin layer of phosphor
step 3 and 4: apply two layers of dielectric insulator
don't forget to dry your substrate in between each step
step 5: apply silver electrode. avoid holes in dielectric layer to prevent short circuits and resulting frustration.
step 6: attach wires to silver layer and glass substrate. fix with copper tape.
step 7: POWER



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This is great, can it be done with plexiglass or a flexible material?

no, it needs to be a conductive surface

I wonder if it would be possible to put the phosphor, dielectric, and electrode inks in spray cans...

It would be great to use some kind of conductive, elastic face material. I'm pretty sure that's how the tron costumes work; they're pretty expensive though.