DIY Earring Holder





Introduction: DIY Earring Holder

I have a lot of earrings I can't find. I tend to take them off, usually leaving them wherever I am and then forgetting about them. So a lot of my earrings either go missing completely or a pair is broken up. I decided to make an earring holder that not only lets me see all the earrings I have, but also allows me to display them in a fun way and gives them a dedicated home. This not only benefits me, but also my husband, who is usually the one finding and moving my disorganized jewelry :-D

This project was made from materials I already had around the house. If you don't include paint drying time, it only takes about 5 minutes to make these earring holders.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

-Craft paints

-Old frames

-Staple gun

-Chicken wire

Step 2: Paint

If you are using an unfinished frame like I did, you can just go ahead and paint it. The pink I used is a Martha Stewart gloss that I found on sale a while back, the purple is a satin craft paint. Both dried shiny, but could use a a layer of Mod Podge or something to make it smooth.

I gave each frame about 2 coats and let it dry.

If you are using a finished frame then either sanding or a layer of primer (such as Mod Podge, gesso etc.) will make the frame paintable.

Step 3: Wire

While the paint tried, I measured and cut the chicken wire. The wire came from a gardening project we did at school last summer. We had a lot leftover that I wasn't counting on, so it's been sitting in my closet ever since. I left my heavy duty wire cutters at school, so I used an old pair of jewelry wire cutters to cut my squares.

I used a staple gun to secure the wire to the frame and then trimmed the excess with the wire cutters.

Step 4: Hang and Go!

These frames can be hung or propped on a table. With the purple frame, I painted the original backing black and then secured it to the back of the frame for a different look.



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I voted for you, this is a great idea, i have all the supplies to make it but i know it will

Take me more than 5 min. To make. I hope you win. Earrings are my fav. To make

I have hundreds of them. I would suggest putting a sealer on the chicken wire since

A friend gave me a wire earrings holder and it turned all of my sterling earwires

Black over time.

Carol of........

Would this hold non-dangling earrings? Good jod on the stylish holder :)

You could try attaching a piece of foam or something that the studs could be stuck into.