DIY Easy Comfort Crochet Hooks


Introduction: DIY Easy Comfort Crochet Hooks

This is a really easy way to make your regular aluminum or plastic crochet hooks into comfort grip hooks by using pencil grips. You can find them in many large chain stores like Walmart, Target, dollar stores, office supply stores, etc. This is a great idea for someone who has sensitive hands (arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.) as well as for kids.

Step 1: Getting the Grips to Stay On

Wrap your hook handle with masking tape up to the thumb rest (the flat oval in the middle). Depending on the size of the hook you may need to wrap it only a few times or lots of times. I had to wrap my F and G hooks with a lot of tape to get them to the correct thickness in order to keep the comfort grips from sliding off while in use.

Step 2: Slide the Comfort Grips On

When you think you have enough masking tape, rip it and flatten it down. Test to see if it is thick enough by sliding one of the comfort grips on. If it slides on too easily you will need more tape. You want the grip to have some resistance so that it will stay on when the hook is in use. I used 2 comfort grips per hook so that the entire handle up to the thumb rest was covered. I had enough to do 10 hooks from one package of comfort grips. Check out my new sparkly hooks!



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    Thank you for Instructable!

    My hubby and I were just trying to figure out how to use those pencil grips on thinner hooks. Brilliant but so obvious now that 9meone else came up with it. Why didn't I think of that???

    Can you use duct tape for this?

    Thanks for sharing such a simple solution for a painful problem.

    I love this idea! Thanks for the tip - I get terrible wrist pain and have to wear a brace to crochet over long periods. Hopefully this will work better :)

    I used duct tape, or sugru on all my hooks, and I am one happy camper. Thank you for the idea!

    Oh my gawd you are so smart! Thank you for this idea, I saw an ergonomic hook at the store that was $16 dollars!

    2 replies

    what is an ergonomic hook?
    please reply soon

    An ergomonic hook, is a hook with a handle that is designed to put less stress on your hand while you hold it.

    So clever! And it makes it so colorful! I love it!


    They look great. I use old pens, I take apart a thick pen, then jam the hook inside. Not very descriptive, I know, but it works. The older I get the more difficult it is to hold my crochet hooks especially the smaller steel hooks. Inserting the hooks inside a pen makes handling a hook a lot easier for me.

    Love this idea was crocheting last night and the tip of my pointer finger was going kinda numb ish cause it was firmly pressed against the metal tunisan hook I think this may solve the problem. A big Thank you!

    this is a SUPER idea... just too bad i am stumbling across it NOW!!
    LOVE IT! i just made a note to get some of these this weekend! :o)

    I make these too! They are wonderful as my hand doesn't get cramped so easily. The only difference is I use plastic tubing instead of masking tape. That way I can easily slide the comfort grip on and off the crochet hook so I can see what size the hook is. You can cut the plastic tubing lengthwise or leave whole depending on the size of the crochet hook. These are so much cheaper than the ergonomic hooks. I love the bright colors of the comfort grips. They are on all my pens and pencils.

    very clever. Love that you saw another application for the pencil grip