Picture of DIY Easy Dunkin Donuts Charms
These small charms look beautiful once they are done and are very easy to make.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
• Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)
• Red and green food coloring
• Beige, brown, and white clay
• Exacto knife or regular knife
• Oven
• Dotting tool
• toothpick
Bri Garcia 2 months ago
This is so cool
Bri Garcia 2 months ago
I think that if I do this I would make it into a charm braclet
SarahKarina3 months ago
This is so cool!
1054159 months ago
Cuteee! I saw this idea and made it out of play dough. Then I got a dunkin donuts box and place the fake donuts in it! It turned out great THX!
AnastasiaN10 months ago

this is really adorable

berty12011 year ago
I neeeeed to know how to make the boxxxxxx!!!
The Clay Crafter (author)  berty12011 year ago

I'm so sorry i didnt do it show how to make the box iv been SOO busy this week

ill do it when i can but i have ton of studying to do :(

HalcyV1 year ago

Is there a possible substitute for TLS? I don't have any and i really want to make these! The box is super cute too!

The Clay Crafter (author)  HalcyV1 year ago

i don't know how you could do it without TLS but i got mine on amazon for only $5

cat19861 year ago
Very cute now I know what to give to the police men
The Clay Crafter (author)  cat19861 year ago

lol :)

berty12011 year ago
Thank you!!
hailey7841 year ago
These are so cute. It would b adorable to make them if u put an earring piece in them and let them harden solid to make donut earrings.
berty12011 year ago
The box is so cute! How did you make it?
The Clay Crafter (author)  berty12011 year ago

ill edit the instructables when i can and show u how to make it ill post it in about a week! :)

Oh, my, donuts! These are so cute! So tiny and detailed! Awesome work!

it took me about 5 to 6 hours to make all of these perfect!!!

EmiClarice1 year ago
Wow!those are perfect! I might try to make some!
why dont you put everything on, then put the hole in?

I don't know y i didn't do that but you could i like doing it before.

poofrabbit1 year ago

These are adorable and I love them in the box! I think it add that little extra pop! Voted for you! Good luck!

The Clay Crafter (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago

Thanks So much! It means a lot to me!:)

The Clay Crafter (author) 1 year ago

everyone if you want to know how i made the box just ask! :)

they look amazing..:)

thanks a lot =)

Haha, omg these turned out great!

The Clay Crafter (author)  gabrieltaft1 year ago

Thx a Lot I'm going to make a lot more things like this! :)

Awesome! I'm gonna make this!