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Make this beachy Whale Tail Ring in no time! The featured ring is made with Silver Wire and an Aquamarine Gemstone Bead. You can use any color wire and any style bead you like!

Step 1: Watch My Easy DIY Video OR Follow the Easy Steps Below :)

Step 2: You Will Need

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Ring Mandrel (if you don't have one, use a fat marker, paintbrush, mascara or lip gloss tube..etc)

Jewelry & Metal Glue ( I HIGHLY recommend Aleene's brand)

20 Gauge Silver Wire

Needle Nose Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

Nylon Pliers


Step 3:

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Cut a piece of wire about 6-8" long (depending on how large your ring finger size is)

Step 4:

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Using the needle nose pliers, grab the wire about 2/3's of the length down and bend both side of the wire upwards.

Step 5:

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Use the bent nose pliers to flatten the wire just a tad.

Step 6:

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Grab the wire about 1/4" above the end and bend both sides down over your thumb.

Step 7:

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Now grab the edge of the right side and bend it straight down.

Step 8:

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Squeeze the edge with your bent nose pliers while slightly turning upwards. Starting to see a whale tail?

Step 9:

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Grab the right side of wire again and bend it down under your thumb, using your thumb to help shape the whale tail.

Step 10:

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Repeat the same process for the other side.

Step 11:

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Take the longer of the two pieces of wire and bent it straight down. Now cross the shorter wire over top of the long wire and twist it around.

Step 12:

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Trim off the extra wire with your cutters and use your bent nose pliers to flatten and smooth the cut end.

Step 13:

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You just made your Whale Tail!! Now let's turn it into a snazzy ring!

Step 14:

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Place the Whale Tail on the Ring Mandrel in the spot that will best fit your finger. Wrap the wire around the mandrel one full time.

Step 15:

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Trim off the extra wire.

Step 16:

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You now have a ring! Let's finish it off.

Step 17:

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Put a small dab of glue on the cut end of wire. Slide on your bead, being sure to wipe off any excess glue. (FYI most glues come out of the tube clear, but will dry white! It is well worth the few extra seconds to make sure you wipe off any glue as it is VERY hard to remove it once it has dried.) Let the glue dry for at least 20 minutes.

I'm using an Aquamarine Gemstone Bead (it is known as the Sea Lovers Gemstone) but you can use any bead you like!

Step 18:

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Now your ready to go show it off!! I'd love to see your Whale Tail rings!! :)


Cloud9-Crafter (author)2016-08-25

I love the craft I'm definetley going to make it.Just, where did you get the bead from?

watchmeflyy (author)2016-01-29

Adorable! You shaped the tail very "whale." (I know, my puns are terrible..)

MelissaOCMD (author)watchmeflyy2016-01-29

seriously that was an excellent pun lol thank you!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-01-22

That is so cute! I love the bead on it, gives it that splash of color :)

thank you :)

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