DIY Edible Terrarium


Introduction: DIY Edible Terrarium

About: I always describe myself in one word with: CRAFTY. I love all things DIY and arts & crafts. I also share some of my crafting knowledge on Youtube.

This is my take on a classic terrarium. This one is EDIBLE - made from oreos and candy!

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Step 1: Watch Video!



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    This is so cool! Both my love for terrariums and desserts combined. I'm definitely going to make this.

    This is inspired - you should come over to Bedford - the Deparys Grill do an amazing desert burger and bun - it is all made from chocolate. icing and sponge etc, even has cheese and a pickle, - just amazing, you would love it.
    Have posted this INST on the F/B page PROTO - TYPE - CHAT as an INSPIRED CREATION - - - it is so clever.
    Nice job.

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    Thanks so much! And that dessert burger sounds AMAZING! haha