DIY - Egg Shaker!


Introduction: DIY - Egg Shaker!

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This is not my idea, the one who made this is olivergon.
For this project you will need:

- A spoon of rice
- A kinder egg

Step 1: The Fun Part

Start with talking your kinder egg and eat the chocolate! Now take the yellow container and open it. (Make sure to take the little toy out)

Step 2: Rice

Now take the spoon of rice and pour it into the yellow container.

Step 3: Holding It

There are many ways to hold it, here some examples.

Step 4: Done!

You are now done, hope you can use it. Bye!



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    Thanks man, nice of you thinking that ;)

    Great Idea!

    I just made an Instructable about strapping one of these to your foot while playing a sweet drum called the cajon. I didn't make my own shaker but I linked your Instructable in case people want to go full DIY. Here's the link to my Instructable if you're curious:

    Have an awesome day,