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Forget tying and re-tying laces over and over again.  And add some custom colored style at the same time with elastic shoelaces.  Get the look of laces + the ease of a slip-on!  Great for kids shoes.  

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Picture of Supplies Needed
Supplies Needed:

- Lace up shoes
- Fold Over Elastic (aka FOE).  This comes in several widths usually 5/8in and 1 in. I used 1 inch since that's what I had on hand* 
- Basic notions (sewing machine, pin, soluble/disappearing marking pen, scissors)

*Depending on the size of the holes, the 5/8 make be easier to use.  You can find basic colors of FOE at most sewing stores and tons colors & prints at various online sewing & diaper making shops.
esdxcox2 years ago
Great idea!

I always struggled with my own laces and then as my boys got older their laces became a nightmare, too. I finally had enough and came up with elastic laces that never came untied and that were adjustable. I wanted the look of laces + the ease of a slip-on! Let me know what you think.

They're called Synch Bands (pronounced "cinch").


Eddie :)
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snixysnix3 years ago
I'm doing this with all my Chucks! I pinned this on Pinterest and the re-pins are redonkulous!
vincent75203 years ago
Fabulous ! …
I like pink color.
Way to go! These are great!
Those are so cute! What a great idea! It looks really nice with the pink converse :)