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_soapy_ (author)2014-05-24

I'm amazed this has enough power. Mind you standard American locks are usually Kwikset, & I've heard of those falling open from truck vibrations when moving house!

Good idea though.

Go Repairs (author)_soapy_2014-05-25

Your right this is only useful on easier locks. Thanks.

ccooker (author)2014-05-22

Cool idea. Maybe a cheap power toothbrush would work. Nice job!!

Go Repairs (author)ccooker2014-05-24

Yeah that should work too. Thanks.

Tumotar (author)2014-01-11

Do this really works? Only bymoving fats i don´t know if that will open anything....

Go Repairs (author)Tumotar2014-01-14

It vibrates the pins so you can catch them on the sheer line. It's not as good as a shop bought version but I can confirm it works.

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