In these demonstrations I use a stepper motor as a two phases alternator (AC) and some DC motors that act as a dynamo (DC), I convert potential energy of a weight into electrical energy rotating a DC motor with a thread. Also, we can see a hand crank flashlight that is also a radio receiver. This gadget also stores electricity into a NiMH battery.
<p>I built my own dynamo recently a few little pieces of an axis. Had some gears which then turned a motor which created the electricity for an led to light up. I will be putting it up on here in about a week a two when i get a supply of wood and some more gears. </p>
<p>now to hook this to a homemade steam engine and have a steam powered phone charger.</p>
Whoa! Dude. <br> I like it. I am going to do something with steppers. <br>thanks,

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