This is intended to be a quick guide on what you need to create a homemade electric skateboard on a relatively small budget that can rival a new consumer brand that costs in excess of £1200. The board I built can reach speeds of about 26mph and with regenerative breaking can run for about 10KM. Above is a video and a few pictures of my build and the next pages will be about the parts and the changes I would make to mine if I were to make another. Please support my work by subscribing to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PracticalProjects

Please don't try and replicate this design as it is not guaranteed to work and there are several changes I would make to it. It is effectively just a prototype. Like any form of transport like this remember to wear a helmet. These are dangerous so I am not responsible for any injury's suffered.

Step 1: The Deck

Firstly I would recommend a longboard deck rather than a skateboard as this gives you more stability, a smoother ride and more space for your components. It needs to be solid with little flex and topmounted rather than drop through trucks to give more room underneath for the electronics enclosure and motor. The diagram from randall.com explains the different choices. It is the top one that is ideal. .

As for the wheels you need a relatively large diameter and about medium softness to give a smother ride. Some wheels come with plastic hubs such as the orangatang kegel, which is ideal for mounting the pulley wheel onto. In my case I just drilled directly into my solid wheel. This works for the moment but will not necessarily last a long time.

Trucks: now this is where you should consider the shape and design so that a motor mount can be made for it (more on this later)

So as long as you follow this you can choose any deck you like. In my case I made my own to save money as in the video.

<p>Hi, my motor is trambling, here is video can you help me ? :) </p><p>https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByPT1E7FC_MdOU1fckplMWtkTjg</p>
Dose anyone know a motor mount for an electric long board?
<p>Here you go: <a href="http://bit.ly/2jQ8yYQ" rel="nofollow">http://bit.ly/2jQ8yYQ</a></p><p>If you scroll just a bit, It's down there. Also If you want more parts, this shop has it all !</p>
<p>Is this a longboard or a skateboard</p>
Je voudrais construire un skateboard &eacute;lectrique mais je ne sais pas ou payer les pi&egrave;ces
Dans le canada, tu pouvait utiliser home depot.
<p>Can you give us a link to where you bought the pulleys and timing belt?</p>
<p>can i use this battery? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lithium-Polymer-Portable-Power-Bank-10000MAH-12V-3AH-Lithium-ion-Batteries-Pack-with-Free-Charger/32371139576.html</p>
<p>It might be possible but a 4s lipo with high capacity and mah rating is better. The one from the link seems to be quite bulky, making it difficult to case as it might scrape the ground if bottom mounted. And its discharge rate is not specified so it might give too much speed. Also, the cables used on it are not traditionally used with RC electronics, meaning that you would have to solder everything causing quite a hassle.</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>the maximum outbound current is 25A, which is not enough to supply most motors. I don't really think that is suitable for this type of project.. Even the outbound connector is not made for great power draws, but more of a tiny flimsy connector.</p>
Can I use sevo motor for better torque
<p>Servo motors provide torque but not speed so a brushless motor would be best. </p>
Can I use 12v lead acid batteries
<p>They could work, but they tend to be quite bulky and generally provide less power than lipos do. </p>
<p>If i should use a custom lifepo4 pack with plug in charger where can i get one?</p>
<p>So we should use a custom lifepo4 pack with plug in charger? if so where can I get one</p>
<p>Hey any chance you could post some more detailed pictures/drawings of the motor mount? Can't quite tell from your pictures on the instructable and your website. Really like what you did though!</p><p>-Jan</p>
<p>Although somewhat impractical, could I use a 12volt 18Ah lead acid deep cycle motorcycle battery as power just recharge it using my trickle charger?</p>
<p>there's probably some kind of converter/inverter you could use in conjunction with a lead acid battery that would allow you to get the amps and volts within target range. and then you'd probably have hella battery life.</p>
<p>Nvm, too high amperage</p>
<p>how would i increase the run time to about 15km and lower the speed to about 20mph. dont need explicit instructions just a basic explanation, thanks.</p>
<p>change sprocket size of your pulley to adjust gearing ratio. will turn with more torque and fewer rpm. i also think it would reduce the load on the batteries since this would allow them to turn the motor more freely. </p>
If you want lower speed and more run time you would connect the batteries in parallel and if you want more speed but less run time you connect the batteries in series.. Just search online how to connect lipo batteries in either of these ways.
<p>You could buy batteries with a lower c (discharge) rating like 20c which would lower your top speed and then purchase batteries that have a higher amp capacity.</p>
<p>Less throttle and larger batteries</p>
If I'm going to spend that much money I'm better off buying one that I know is well made
<p>can i use 2 power banks of 11000 mah instead of lipo battery</p>
<p>Those are low discharge batteries so they won't work. </p>
<p>how would i add the controller for the board?</p>
<p>how can you make it self-charging (renewable energy)?</p>
<p>You can purchase speed controllers that have regenerative braking built in, which will charge the battery.</p>
<p>can i use 2 power banks of 11000 mah instead of lipo battery</p>
<p>No, they will not provide enough amperage to run the motor. RC batteries are designed to put out lots of amps quickly vs power banks which are trickle chargers.</p>
you mean those USB power banks?
<p>How much did all of this cost in the end?</p>
<p>This is what I want to know... Why do so few project authors give average price it cost them to make it and/or the cost range it should take someone to make? :(</p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Electric-Longboard/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Electric-Longboard/</a></p><p>This one shows the price for everything, as well as the final price c:</p>
hey, nice instrucable! i recently but a lead acid power brick of an electronic mountain board and am considering filling this to build a lightweight urban modle. For recharging though, why not stick to LiPo batteries but get an extra lead out the side so you can charge without removing the batteries.. this could be done with a pre-made splitter Y shape harness from you batteries. only a few Bob on eBay/HK :)
just ignore all the grammar/typos above
<p>Really struggling to get the electrics to work. got it all wired and bound the esc to the receiver but nothing. Can anyone help?</p>
<p>is a 2000W, 295 kV motor with max current 68A, 9 poles, max V 55V motor viable? or is 295kV too high? Turns (poles ) is 9. It is the Tacon Bigfoot 110</p>
<p>with 70mm wheels</p>
<p>is 900 rpm 12 v Dc motor with 12kgcm torque right for my eskateboard and which battery should I use with it and what will be the speed and how much whieght it can hold </p>
<p>is 900 rpm 12 v Dc motor with 12kgcm torque right for my eskateboard and which battery should I use with it and what will be the speed and how much whieght it can hold </p>
<p>Sweet Post.</p><p>Has anyone used Abec 11 Flywheels? I have a set which have good holes for mounting but I haven't got a pulley for it yet.</p><p>I tried getting a pulley from Metroboard but they rejected my purchase because they don't sell to non-Metroboard customers.</p><p>Now I'm looking at an ABS printed pulley which will fit from ebay but I'm not sure if it will wear out or not. Has anyone tried a printed pulley before?</p>
<p>Hey, i think you have put an incredible diy instructable here, and just wanted to thank you for all the info and tips!</p><p>I am making my own all terrain long board after making my first one. i have a longboard and i attached 4 pneumatic 6&quot; wheels to it. I was just finalizing on the motor or motor(s) and the battery to use. I want the board to be able to carry my weight (160) and all the weight of the board and travel at around 22mph. I have done a lot of research and the main company &quot;evolve&quot; makes all terrain boards and uses one (350w (700 watt max output) 5,500 RPM High Performance Brushless) motor. And then there is also boosted board which uses two brushless motors and gets a super high speed. I am planning to use either one or two turnigy motors or if i can find one bigger better motor i will use that.</p><p>I just want your input on which outrunner motor to buy and what design to go with? Also with which ever motor which battery do you suggest?</p><p>THANKS A LOT :)</p>
<p>Well for a mountain board you may as well go for two motors, you get more power and torque and you would have plenty of space for all the electronics. The turnigy SK3 213KV which I have has been great so far, no problems with it. Two of those motors should get you going! Also if you would kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be doing a mountainboard build in the near future... :) https://www.youtube.com/user/PracticalProjects</p>
<p>Hi guys, </p><p>I have a question about your drive system/ electronics. How do you get a maximum speed of about 41 km/h = 26 mph with your setup ? Is this calculation correct? I assume you use 70mm wheels because i couldn't find any information about it.</p>
<p>Yeah the wheels are 70mm, I calculated it a different way to you, it's definitely quicker than 10mph I'm sure</p>

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