DIY Electric-Skateboard





Introduction: DIY Electric-Skateboard

This is my first time making an electric skateboard. I would like to give credits and thanks to comsa42 on his DIY electric longboard. Very informative instructable. As you can see,I used a penny board and a kit instead of making the board and trucks from start.

Material used:

Step 1: Board Assemble

Disassemble the existing trucks from the penny board and install the enertion kit onto the board. Click on this link to watch a video on assembling the enertion kit.

Step 2: Electric Box

I drilled two small hole on each end of the box and fasten it to the board using M3 screws. Then cut a small circular opening of 2cm in diameter on the cover of the box and places a fine wire mesh over it. I used hot glue to glue them together. (The wire mesh is from an old kitchen strainer I had.) Again cut a small hole on the left corner of the box for the motor wire to connect to the ESC. The ESC in placed on the left side of the box while the batteries are placed on the right side. Then cut another hole on the opposite side (left hand corner) for the power switch. I used hot glue to mount them in place. (These holes were cut with a craft knife) The batteries were taped together using electrical tape and stick to the box using sticky strips. The two Lipo batteries were connected in series. Since the box does not have any stable locking mechanism, I added a M3 screw to secure the cover.

Step 3: Final

This is how the final work look like. Very portable and smooth to ride. I have not test the maximum distance it can run but it can easily ride 10km with one charge.



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Hi, does this electric pennyboard has brakes? If it doesnt, what should i get and how to include brakes into this electric pennyboard.

yeah that is true but we should put a protective case

Finally! A motorised penny. I think this is a really convenient urban choice rather than longboard. But man, a couple of sketches and processing photos would be a good thing.

The ntm motor is out if stock at hobbyking. Does anyone know an effiecient substitution that is also compatible with the rest of the skateboard?

Do you have to use enertion trucks and how do you brake?

easy and cool skateboard similar to this one

Guys! Here's a link to make the controller more compact.

Bud, this is awesome. I just completed my electric longboard. I'm considering buying a penny as a second deck for traveling. It's good to see that all the components fit!