Introduction: DIY Electromechanical Switch

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Presented Here is a simple DIY Electromechanical Switch. Electromechanical Switches are of good use.

By giving the power supply you can turn on the relay and control the Load.

Step 1: Components

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1. BC 557 Transistor

2. LED

3. 5v Relay

4. 10k Resistor

5. 100uF Capacitor

6. 1N4148 Diode

7. 1k Resistor

8. 4 pin Connector

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Presented in the image is the circuit diagram of the electromechanical Switch.

Read Further for the step by step guide to make it.

Step 3: Mount the Connector

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Mount the 3 pin Connector on the Breadboard.

There are three pins:

1. VCC

2. OUT

3. GND

Step 4: Connections

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Now, mount the BC 557 Transistor on Board.

Connect the 10kohm Resistor across the base of transistor and the middle pin of the Connector. That pin is OUT.

Now connect the Emitter and Vcc terminal of the Connector.

Step 5: LED

Picture of LED

Connect the LED in such a way that its positive terminal should be connected to the collector of the transistor.

Now, Connect the 1kohm resistor across negative terminal of the LED and GND pin of the Connector.

Step 6: Finally...

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Now, connect the 1N4148 Diode across Positive terminal of LED and GND of the Connector.

Now, Connection for the relay should be given.

At last connect, 100uF Capacitor across Vcc and GND of the Connector.


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