DIY Electronic Oscillator Module As Alternating Current Generator Homemade


Introduction: DIY Electronic Oscillator Module As Alternating Current Generator Homemade

Energy needs to move back and forth from one form to another for an oscillator to work. You can make a very simple oscillator by connecting a capacitor, transistor and an inductor together. If you've read How Capacitors Work and How Inductors Work, you know that both capacitors and inductors store energy. A capacitor stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field, while an inductor uses a magnetic field, Can you make it as mini Alternating Current generator in home by 12 Volt DC



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    Great idea, but an Instructable by its nature, and the name is more than a give away as to the purpose of the site, and hence the post. You made and oscillator, and that is wonderful. However, beyond the mention of things that store energy and a claim this is of no help. I can lift 8'x5'x3' thick steel and concrete blast door with water tanks, cable, pulleys, a pump (the bigger the faster you can reset it. some piping, control valves. now We all know water can store energy and be used to lift a 6 thousand pound door. However, making claims or reciting general facts about electrical components doesn't help any instruct someone on making this oscillator. Is its 60hz, what components exactly did you use. How many Henry's was the coil.
    Its a great start. Even without pictures instructions to build would help.