D.I.Y Card Electric Door Lock





Introduction: D.I.Y Card Electric Door Lock

Sometimes a lot of valuables, or simply our favorite stuff stored in your private room . and there were only family members or strangers who bother it. Dont worry , because you can make your electric door lock for your room. No need to pay expensive, because it is made from unused item.


Step 1: Materials and Tools

materials tools

1-DVD gearbox

2-slide door lock

3-micro magnet 6 or more

4-little squre tube

5-metals conductor

6-led red and blue

7-battery 3,7v (x phone battery)

8-mini box (4x6 cm)



1-super glue



4-srew driver


Step 2: Making Mechanism Lock

Step 3: Making the Key Card Dock Scaner

-with a combination of quantity magnets, magnet sides and magnetic position layout would add security key.

-Magnetic sensor as swiching for motor on/off and spining direction.

-You can coustumize the quantity of magnet, up or down magnet side, and position on the dock card scaner

-key card key card, contains a composition of the same composition with the magnet that is in the dock.

-the wiring, you know what you should do, it's like putting a motor on a battery by using some of the swich and the addition of led

-Select the 2 sensors as the primary magnetic sensor to change direction rotary of the motor and other magnetic sensors as swich 1-0



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    And those yellow things hangging upside down are leds??sorry im basically a programmer not a electronic student??✌

    Im messed up with the diagram above!!can u help me out by sending me a rough sketch of dat example lableing all the parts!!please a humble request

    In the example for 2 combination the yellow coloured thing at the first is a metal conductor and the second is the plastic pad with a conductor??

    plastic just for hold the plat conductor, sorry for low respon on this site, little buzy for couple last day.

    Im confused with the connections please help me out!!

    the magnet as swiching like swich on/off

    Eric is there any other social networking site i can contact u??

    Thought dose were the leds!

    2 questions 1 can I use another type of magnet and 2 can I use 2 aa battery,s

    yes u can use any type of magnetic whit flat shape