Introduction: D.I.Y Card Electric Door Lock

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Sometimes a lot of valuables, or simply our favorite stuff stored in your private room . and there were only family members or strangers who bother it. Dont worry , because you can make your electric door lock for your room. No need to pay expensive, because it is made from unused item.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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materials tools

1-DVD gearbox

2-slide door lock

3-micro magnet 6 or more

4-little squre tube

5-metals conductor

6-led red and blue

7-battery 3,7v (x phone battery)

8-mini box (4x6 cm)



1-super glue



4-srew driver


Step 2: Making Mechanism Lock

Picture of Making Mechanism Lock

Step 3: Making the Key Card Dock Scaner

Picture of Making the Key Card Dock Scaner

-with a combination of quantity magnets, magnet sides and magnetic position layout would add security key.

-Magnetic sensor as swiching for motor on/off and spining direction.

-You can coustumize the quantity of magnet, up or down magnet side, and position on the dock card scaner

-key card key card, contains a composition of the same composition with the magnet that is in the dock.

-the wiring, you know what you should do, it's like putting a motor on a battery by using some of the swich and the addition of led

-Select the 2 sensors as the primary magnetic sensor to change direction rotary of the motor and other magnetic sensors as swich 1-0


Wthbro (author)2017-04-01

And those yellow things hangging upside down are leds??sorry im basically a programmer not a electronic student??✌

Wthbro (author)2017-04-01

Im messed up with the diagram above!!can u help me out by sending me a rough sketch of dat example lableing all the parts!!please a humble request

Wthbro (author)2017-04-01

In the example for 2 combination the yellow coloured thing at the first is a metal conductor and the second is the plastic pad with a conductor??

eric dirgahayu (author)Wthbro2017-04-01

plastic just for hold the plat conductor, sorry for low respon on this site, little buzy for couple last day.

Wthbro (author)2017-03-28

Im confused with the connections please help me out!!

eric dirgahayu (author)Wthbro2017-03-31

the magnet as swiching like swich on/off

Wthbro (author)eric dirgahayu2017-04-01

Eric is there any other social networking site i can contact u??

Wthbro (author)2017-04-01

Thought dose were the leds!

EvanF29 (author)2016-09-03

2 questions 1 can I use another type of magnet and 2 can I use 2 aa battery,s

eric dirgahayu (author)EvanF292017-03-31

yes u can use any type of magnetic whit flat shape

Wthbro (author)2017-03-31

And what are those yellow square like stuff in the example of 2 magenetic pads??please eric help me out

Bongmaster (author)2015-01-09

cool idea but i wouldnt keep the keys in your pocket or anywhere near bank cards :x

yea ... you save only the key card in your secret places, do not need to be taken, so I write this to your door personal room keys, not recommended to the entrance of the House door ... so you can store them somewhere secret in your home,

thankyou Bongmaster :)

Azzy1738 (author)eric dirgahayu2016-08-23

eric dirgahayu so what do you do if u are inside your room is it the same???

overcomer8 (author)2015-01-12

Dude! This is awesome...I know nothing about electronics ..wish I did I sure could find use for this...

Thankyou Overcomer8, yes you can... :)

Akin Yildiz (author)2015-01-09

side and front panels of box1 needs this system installed. but instead of using a sliding door lock, i am imagining a magnet only system where when locked the panels cling to the magnets and when unlocked magnets release the panels.. something very simple and small. no moving parts;
thank you for sharing, very nice to learn about the insides of an electronic lock system :)

Wow ... your project is so awesome :) thank you Akin Yildiz

my project just a basic project, not using microkontroller and other advanced tools, the goal so that anyone could have made it self, with ingredients that are in the House and not spend a lot of money.

this is exactly why i need your simple setup installed on box1. or a variation of it. you see the side and front panels right now are just sitting in there by themselves. i want to magnetize them, the magnets get released when you scan your finger so that you can take off the covers for the windows. do you think such a thing is possible, low cost and simple version? i really need this upgrade

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