Picture of DIY Elsa (Frozen) Tiara
I've seen the movie Frozen three times in theaters so far. I just love the movie, but cringe every time I watch Elsa throw away her tiara. I love how simple and yet fancy the tiara is, so I decided to make a tutorial for it that is just as simple.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you will need:

Way paper
A glue gun (with loooots of glue sticks)
Metallic gold spray paint
Blue, faceted aqua colored beads
Wire cutters
Floral wire
Plastic hair piece comb
Photo inspiration (see next step)
Xacto Knife

Optional: Light colored stiffened felt for the even simpler version.

This tiara will take about 30 minutes and cost ~$5-$15 to make depending on what you have on hand.

Step 2: Prep the tiara template

Picture of Prep the tiara template
There are a couple of options for this step.

First one is that you can use your reference photo and sketch out your tiara. If you do that, I suggest you draw out half of it, fold the paper in half, and cut it out so that it's perfectly symmetrical.

The other option is that you print out the PDF of the template I drew out. I scanned it in as an 8.5x11 image so you should be able to just print it up and use it. In order to use this option, you'll have to download the PDF of this tutorial and click on the icon in it called "Color Scan."

After you've made or printed your template, tape it to the back of some waxed paper. For the easier felt version, tape the template to some felt and trace it onto the felt by holding it up to a light source.

How do you attach the comb?

Thanks for pointing this out! I adjusted to clarify :) You hot glue it.

Where is the step about painting? Did I miss it?

It's implied between steps 3 and 4.
NERDY2321 year ago
Can you make it bigger
Ruth in Craftsville (author)  NERDY2321 year ago
Absolutely! It's hot glue so any size you want. Not too tall though unless you use wire inside to reinforce it.
NERDY2321 year ago
Does this take a long time ohh and cute idea

Yay! I just saw this movie, so cute :) Nicely done! Were some of these done with clay or were they all done with hot glue?

So glad you like them! One is with felt and the others are in hot glue. Even polymer clay is a bit heavy for something so delicate.

I wonder if Modeling Magic clay would work. It is supposed to be light.

Never used it so I couldn't say, I'd love to see it if you try it out!
Love it Frozen was so cool ( pun intended)