Introduction: DIY Elsa's Makeup Tutorial

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Step 1:

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What youll need

3 shades of purple

Eye shadow brush


Start with 3 purples, light, medium, dark.

Step 2:

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Using light purple, Shade in the lower, and partial upper part of your eyelid,
Then shade a little bit under your eye

Step 3:

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Fill in the middle with light purple, then blend

Step 4:

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Using dark purple, do a rainbow motion, shading in the upper part of your eye lid, if you do this twice, it will turn out better, then fill in the last part just below your brow with white

Step 5:

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Use mascara to volumese the lashes

Step 6:



Very pretty! You did a great job recreating her makeup from the movie!

EmiClarice (author)2014-06-28

Awesome! I love Elsa!

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