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Introduction: DIY Emoji Magnets | Craft of Giving

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Hi there!

I LOVE Emojis! I probably use it way too much! I wanted to share with you a cute and fun idea to hand make these Polymer Clay emoji magnets that you can give to your family and friends.

Remember to follow the baking instructions for your Polymer Clay as each brand differ in baking temperatures and times.

If you make these please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #craftofgiving so that I can see your creations too!

Remember to be crafty with your giving!

Thanks for watching,

Danrie from Craft of Givingxxx


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    13 Discussions

    How did you your Emoji party to I love LPS? :D I think I need to throw an Emoji party! It sounds like a lot of fun!! x

    Just like Pweiss100, I am having an party... An Emoji one. Great idea!

    Question-do you know where you got the clay so I can buy it for my party? please get back to me asap. Thanks! ever since I watched your video I have been wanting to make it (which is last night) lol thanks! (: :D

    3 replies

    Oh my gosh! I am sorry for the late reply, my notifications didn't even let me know you commented! :O LAME! Sorry. I live in Australia and I can find polymer clay at any good craft supply shop. If you live in America I think you can find it at Michael's? If you have time, you can order polymer clay online. There are so many different brands. Sorry about for the late reply! I hope I didn't miss your party!!! :'(

    thanks for the request! I looked on miceals and found a BUNCH! I am planning to got to one this week. UGH! i JUST CAN NOT WAIT TO MAKE THEM! thank you soooooo much for making the video! Oh, and by the way, I live in California. But, WOW! Australia is a LONG way from here! thanks again!

    :D :D :D :D I am so excited for you to make them too! You will love it. Remember to read your Polymer Clay's baking instructions as it may be different to mine. You better post a photo when you do make them so that I can see them too!! I am soooo excited about this. I loved making the video so I am pretty happy that you enjoyed it! ^_^ And yes, Australia is rather far from California! But pretty cool that we can connect from opposite sides of the world!

    LOVE IT!! I totally love emoji's!! I think that I will make them with some other people at my party!! thank you sooooo much!! you are also very much alike me- I LOVE EMOJI'S!!!!

    2 replies

    Thank you Pweiss100!!! :D :D :D I use emojis everytime I send a message. I am glad you enjoyed the emoji video! I want to make more Emoji Magnets to add to my little collection!! SO much fun, what a great idea to do this at your party!! Let me know how you went if you do make these!! <3

    that will be soo awwsome if you make more!! Inform me asap about if you make anything new- I will probably love it-just the way I did this!! lol Thanks again!