In this entwine wire wrapped ring patterns, you will learn the wire wrapping technique and gain the way to create an awesome work, send it to your loved one as a gift, she will be surprised by your idea.

Step 1: Supplies Needed in Making Wire Wrapped Rings:

6mm Glass Beads

1.5cm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Copper Wire

Wire Cutter Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Step1: Make the Half-heart Shape Component

1st, prepare 2 length of 25cm aluminum wire, coiling wire with round nose plier about 2or 3 wraps, then do the same at the distance of 3cm from the first coil , you will get patterns like pictures shows;

2nd, repeat 1st in step1 to make another one.

Step 3: Step2: Connect the 2 Ring Base Wire Together

1st, prepare length of 80cm copper wire, then start wrapping the wire to intertwine the 2 ring base together;

2nd, here I wrap about 7cm according to my index finger, then cut off the extra wire;

Step 4: Step3: Make Patterns at the Other Wire Ends

1st, rotate wire outside with round nose plier about 2 or 3 wraps, then rotate wire inside about 2 or 3 wraps at the distance of 2mm from the first coil;

2nd, do the same as 1st in step3 on the other line.

Step 5: Step4: Add Glass Beads to the Ring

1st, take length of 8cm copper wire, then Wrap about 3 times to the coil;

2nd, slide 1 glass bead onto it for embellishment, and fix it by wrapping the wires to the opposite coil, cut off the extra wire;

3rd, repeat 1-2 in step4 on the other end to finish the entwine wire wrapped ring.

Step 6:

Tada! We have finished this entwine wire wrapped ring! Amazing, right? If you like my craft, please stay focus on my following articles! Have a nice try!

<p style="color: black;">Nice, but you my wanna correct the diameter of the alu-wire (1.5<strong>cm</strong> is a bit much between your fingers ;)</p>

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