Step 3: Prepping Materials

Drill 1/16" holes along the PVC pipe spacing the holes 1 1/2" - 2" apart. this is for the air bubbles. You can stagger the holes or make them in a straight line. Then you can go ahead and put the end cap on.
You should have a picture or video with a PCB inside. I have never seen or known about something like this and I an curious how it works. By the way 5 star project you have there!
thanx, it works quite well. It speeds up the etching process by about 4 times.
How well does the silicone hold up to the acid, and what type of silicone did you use? <br> <br>I plan on making one of these and I don't want any leaks.
Great instructable. I have been wanting to make a tank for ages and this has given me some inspiration to do it. As an alternative to having the ball valve, perhaps a right angle bend could go there pointing up and then another piece of PVC pipe could go to the top of the tank. This would mean you have no chance of acid or other baddies coming out in the event that the pump tube came loose or disconnected and negates the need for the valve.
as for the elbow, it stays loose, fits snug in the valve so I cxan remove it to drain the tank if I want to. I can in fact point it upward, good idea!
It also makes a great looking desk accessory lol . . .you ought to light it to really kick it up a notch! Kudos

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