This is an instructable how to make a euro wallet. Earlier this year my country of Slovenia became a member of the european monetary union and took euro for its currency. So instead of paper money we had in our wallets before, we now have a lot of coins... so what to do with them? Well you could go out and buy a leather euro wallet which would cost you around 10� (15$) or go and buy some Tic Tac in a special edition tin can.

The things we need:

- a tin Tic Tac can (something like an Altoids can which you can find in the US)
- some pieces of leather you find lying around
- some paper to do a template of the inside of the can
- scissors (and some pretty sharp ones, so you can cut the leather)
- glue (i used some super glue)

Step 1: Finding a Right Can

I found mine in a petrol station :). Mine is a little to small to house some credit cards, so i use it only for change (i can fit the banknotes). So go out and find a suitable can!
I like the leather idea because the other ones don't have it. and also good instructable.
Nice instructables! Slovenia is a really beautiful country...i was there 2 years ago at the soca riversplash reggaefestival...really nice!! Hahah we still don't have annoing euros in denmark :P
Very Nice i like it im challanged when it comes to crafts but this is simple enought for me **markins**
cool.. i like

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