Ever need to use an expandable file that only gets occasional use (like for receipts)? Ever cringe a bit to pay $5-10 for something that you'll use for a year and the file away likely to seldom be used again? Well, call me cheap, but I have.

These days I pay most of my bills online. Although I select paperless billing as often as possible, there are still some bills that I'll still get in the mail that have return envelopes that I will never use. One day I was sitting there thinking to myself, there has to be some kind of useful thing to do with these. They're not really useful for mailing things on account of all the writing and markings that come on them. Then it hit me, why not make an expandable file out of them? I already use expandable files for receipts and I pay $5-10 a piece for these expandable files just to be filed away in a box at the end of the year. Why not pay nothing? So, without further ado...here's how to make an expandable file using only envelopes, scissors, and a rubber band (and saliva...). 

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

What you'll need: 13 envelopes (roughly the same size), scissors, a rubber band, and your mouth.
Nice! Always good to keep things organized. I know I have quite a few receipts that need to be in the same place instead of all around my house :)

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