Introduction: DIY Experiment: Embossing Concrete Challenge

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Check out the the short video I made of this DIY challenge above.

This DIY was born out of a curiosity to see if I could emboss cement. Using only the materials I had around - which ended up being cardboard. This could of been done better and easier with a 3D printer or a CNC cutter - but I had cardboard.

For more pictures have a look at my blog post here: Home Tree Atlas

Step 1: Materials

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All you need for this project is:

  • A bag of concrete
  • Cardboard
  • An exacto knife
  • And a design that you want to use

Step 2: The Template

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The first step is to print out your design and cut it out. Then trace it onto a sheet of cardboard. I did this twice because I wanted a thick mold for the concrete to pour into.

Step 3: Save the Scrap Pieces

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You can save the scrap pieces of the template you just cut out. I went and made this stool, using the cardboard cutouts as a mold for the white cement inlay. You can see the project here.

Step 4: Waterproofing

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The next step is to waterproof the card. This is done by covering it with tape.

After you've done that, you'll want to add a backing piece, again covered in tape

Step 5: Building the Box

Picture of Building the Box

Next cut out strips for the sides of the box, cover them with tape and put the box together.

In the pictures you can see I made some T shaped stripes. These are stuck to the sides of the box to brace it. Otherwise, when you pour in the cement the sides will bulge out.

Step 6: Start Pouring

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Mix up your cement and pour it in. You'll want a bit of a wet mix.

Tap and shake the box gently to get the air bubbles out.

Step 7: The Reveal

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Let everything dry for 20+ hours. Then cut the cardboard off.

Step 8:

Picture of

Check out my blog for more weird DIY projects: The Mill @ Home Tree Atlas


numbanine (author)2016-03-09

simple and creative, well done

Chesshaus (author)2016-03-09

looks like something that I would like to try. I think that I would do something realy simple to see if I can do it.

flyingpuppy (author)2016-03-09

Beautiful cement project. I especially like the stool

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