Picture of DIY Explosion Box Wedding Invitations/Announcements.
Hello everyone this is my first instructable and I am amazed at what everyone has done, my mother has been making explosion boxes for years, and I thought it would be pretty neat to use these as wedding invitations, so I am here to show you guys my journey. These boxes are really unique ways to invite people to your wedding as opposed to cards. I really had fun making these and I hope you will as well!

Materials Used are for One box.
-What you need:
4 Pieces of Cardstock in the following sizes, Layer C (1) 12”x12”,  Layer B (1) 11 1/2”x11 1/2 ”, Layer A (1) 11”x11”, and The Lid (1) 6 1/8”x6 1/8”
A Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun, or I just had a hot glue stick that I melted with a lighter.
A Votive Candle
Silk/Fake Rose Petals
Glass Votive Holder
Paper Scoring Tool, or I used an old pen with no ink in it.    
Various photos sized (2.75”x3”) for the flaps, 3 of the Bride, 3 of the Groom, 3 of the Bride and Groom together, and 1 or 2 of the chapel or location.
A (2.75”x3”) piece of paper with the location, time and everything on it as the invitation, to go on one of the flaps.
Wedding Themed Scrapbooking Stickers
Optional: Any decorative sort of ribbon or paper to decorate/personalize in your own way

dbanks91 year ago

Great write up! Where do you purchase your cardstock? I am having trouble finding some with decent designs.

awesome, so elegant!
this is an adorable idea ! around how much did it cost to deliver all these invitations ?
Earthwreck24 (author)  angelsalvaje4 years ago
Well thank you for taking a look! I actually am having a smaller ceremony so every invitation was hand delivered by my fiance and I, we figured it would be more sentimental :)
Dr.Bill4 years ago
Hand made Invites like this are a good idea, they show you care.
Very good.
I had envisioned streamers and confetti being shot out of the box as this is the kind of thing I have seen a lot of here on Instructables....explosives.
Refreshing to not see it this time.
Earthwreck24 (author)  Dr.Bill4 years ago
Well thank you drbill, I agree and I had mind to keep this project somewhat minimal styled in a way.